General Advice for Promoting Club Events in 2024


2024 Club Event Information Notes – for Club TT Secretaries

This information pack is sent out to all club time trial secretaries of clubs who promote club (Type B) events to assist in their smooth running.

To download the latest current version of the course details & risk assessment for the courses that you will be using please follow this link to the SEDC OneDrive folder.

In addition to the information in these notes further information is available by going to the Main CTT  website where you will find various forms and guidance notes to assist with your promotion. These include Police Notices, Accident Report Form, Signing on forms, On the Day Risk Assessment form, Parental Consent Forms, club event levy return form, CTT surance certificate, CTT Say No to Doping poster, CTT Guidance & GDPR organiser guidance.

2024 the CTT levy has remained at £3 per entrant for CLUB events.



Police Notices should be despatched 6 weeks before the day of the event. Please remember to quote the 'Q' course number. The police will accept batch submissions in January for the whole season.

Notices for Kent 'Q' courses should, preferably, be sent by E-MAIL to If you do not have access to e-mail the Police will accept postal submissions to The Cycling Time Trials Officer, Traffic Unit, Tactical Operations, Kent Police, London Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7SL

If your event includes roads in Surrey/Sussex a Police Notice should be sent by e-mail  or to The Head of Road Safety & Traffic Management, PO Box 101, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 9PE.

Police Notices for any courses that use roads in the Green St Green/Cudham/Knockholt area (e.g. QS/30/32 + Q10/18) need to be sent to Kent Police and the Metropolitan Police. Although a Q course designation some of the roads are under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police. Contact details for Police Notices for these courses is

There is no requirement to send a copy of the course risk assessment to the Police unless specifically requested.

Please note Send a copy of ALL police notices by e-mail to Assistant District Secretary, Phil Booth or 43 Heron Way, Walderslade, Chatham, ME5 7RL. The ‘named officials’ on the Police Notice must be responsible people, not including the timekeepers. If the promoter competes in the event or is not available on the day a nominated person MUST be available at the event

It is worthwhile taking a copy of the completed Police Notice to the event in case you should you need to refer to it.


CTT Cycle Event Signs conform to Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 and are recognised by the Highways Agency for all events are those issued by CTT which show a bicycle within a triangle with the words ‘Cycle Event’.  No other signs should be used. Signs should only be in place for as a short a period as possible. In the placement of signs promoters should use common sense and endeavour to avoid causing disruption to other road users. A Guidance Note no. 17 on placing signs is available HERE Additional signs can be purchased direct, by sending an e-mail to

If, during or before the event, you are aware of a complication/permanent obstruction on the course which you feel should be identified on the risk assessment please inform me as soon as possible.



A specific version of the signing on sheet for club (Type B) events must be used. This can be found on the main CTT website here.


A specific version of the Parental Consent Form for club (Type B) events must be used for riders 18 years and under. This can be found on the main CTT website here.


Notification of any accidents should also be made to me as soon as possible with the preliminary details. This is to be followed up as soon as possible by a completed CTT Accident Report Form which is available from the main CTT website here. The District Secretary will inform the National Secretary after local records have been updated.

Please discourage riders/officials from posting details on social media if an accident occurs, leave this issue to the authorities and/or promoter. Distress can be caused to family members to learn of an incident via social media rather than through the official channels.

Please note that it is now compulsory for each rider to have a working front light (white) and red rear light, steady or flashing, on their machine when they start in all CTT events. This includes hill climbs and closed circuit events.


A link to the actual wording is HERE under Regulation 15


Course changes, for whatever reason, may only be undertaken with the agreement of the District Secretary. The District Secretary will try to advise you of road works and necessary course changes should they occur, however if you become aware of any road works affecting our courses please let the District Secretary know. If you discover a dangerous pothole or obstruction before the start of your event you should make all riders aware at the signing on point before they start the event.


It is the responsibility of the promoting club to pay all CTT levies for each rider in their club event including any guest riders.

The completed form should, preferably, be emailed to the District Treasurer – Richard Boxall at and the levy paid by bank transfer to the SE District account as follows:-

NAME – Cycling Time Trials South East District

SORT CODE – 09 01 27


Alternatively, you can post the form and cheque to Richard Boxall, 9 Wessex Walk, Dartford, Kent, DA2 7WE.

As from 2020 the timescale for submitting payment is as follows:

For events held between 1 January and 31 October shall be sent no later than the 30 November following the events.

Levies for events held between 1 November and 31 December shall be sent in no later than 31 January following the events.

There is now no longer a need to send your signing on sheets with your levy form, however you should retain these forms for 1 year, or 4 years in the case of an accident, before disposal.



For novice club event promoters go to the SE District Website and click on the “about us” tab and specifically this LINK to THE CTT Guidance Note 6

When riders they sign on to ride they confirm that they are conversant of the CTT Rules and Regulations. They should also be aware that they compete in accordance to the Highway Regulations. Failure to observe any of the above opens the prospect of disciplinary action.

Body numbers are compulsory in all events for all riders. Riders should be made aware that numbers should be placed in accordance with CTT Regulation 16.

Arrange for a prominent black and white chequered board/flag to mark the finish line.

Your signing on steward should ensure that any private time trial rider is in a CTT affiliated club.

At the January 2019 District Committee meeting the SEDC local regulation that “no rider should use a turbo trainer or rollers in the HQ parking area or adjacent roads for early morning events” was reviewed and amended to “no rider should use a turbo trainer or rollers in the HQ parking area or adjacent roads within 50 metres of a domestic property”. Failure to comply - rider risks disqualification from the event. Although this mainly affects open events please include this note on your signing on sheet if your club event is an early morning one.

Remember that all official CTT forms pertaining to promoting events, Club and Open, can be also obtained on the CTT website at Event Organiser Forms.


District Secretary: John Longbottom | | 07970 886565 | 01622 759081.